Volunteer and take a Gap Year in Tanzania

GoGap does more than just help volunteers and interns find positions in South Africa, our service extends across the borders and into neighbouring countries and even countries further north like Tanzania and Rwanda. There is no shortage of positions for students and graduates who are willing to volunteer themselves and assist in the ongoing aid work being done in African countries. Whether you provide assistance in building new schools, helping out at medical clinics in Africa, teaching or just helping out wherever you can, you are bound to reap the rewards of giving freely of yourself to help the less fortunate and poverty stricken.

Zanzibar is not only an island of extraordinary beaches but it also has a lot of lovely places to see. These cities are some of the oldest towns in Zanzibar, filled with a lot of historic significance and reputation. Mji Mkongwe which stands for “old town” in the Swahili language is one of the oldest parts of Zanzibar City. Mji Mkongwe is also known as Stone Town for those who may be familiar with the latter name of the place. The island of Zanzibar is home to some of the most beautiful Zanzibar hotels, many of them world class and frequented by famous personalities and movie stars.
Due to its cultural embrace with a mix of Arab, Persian, Indian and European origins, it comes as no surprise why Stone Town was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2000. The culture and heritage are some of the things the town has to offer which is why it is a tourism attraction for many who visit Zanzibar.
It is not ideal to drive in some of the streets of Stone Town as some streets are quite constricted for cars to pass. The streets are filled with bicycles and motorcycles which give you an indication that bicycles and motorcycles are either the preferred or easiest mode of transport.
A bicycle is one of the best modes of transport. It is cheap to maintain and you don’t have to worry about filling it up with petrol all the time. All you need to check is if your wheels are in good riding condition and you all set. However, Stone Town does have buses and taxis for longer trips to further destinations.

The Stone Town climate is the same climate for the whole duration of the year with December being the most blazing months and July being the unkindest of months in terms of winter. The climate is similar to most cities and countries with one particular month being either the hottest or coldest throughout all year around. It is ideal to visit Stone Town around the summer or spring time to have a pleasant time and behaving weather. Stone Town hotels offer some of the finest Zanzibar accommodation available on the island.
It goes without saying that Stone Town is not only adored by residents and tourists because of its culture but it is cherished by many because it is the only succeeding operational town in Stone Town. Stone Town is still functioning and blossoming with newer parts of the town being built. After all these years, Stone Town is still loved, acknowledged and relevant. Not many historic cities that were constructed many years ago are still in operation but it seems Stone Town has broken all boundaries.
A tour around the town will give you a better idea of the city of Stone Town. If you prepare to tour around the area, you might also need a map as a guide to help you get to the places you want to go and most importantly not get lost. Another option is getting a tour guide that will teach you the insights of the culture, architecture and history of Stone Town.
Whatever option you choose will be at your benefit at the end of the trip because you would have witnessed and experienced a day in the life of a Stone Town resident. The most important aspect of a trip or vacation is to learn the ways and lives of that particular resident and Stone Town has a lot to offer in terms of markets, unique construction, museums and churches.
Ultimately, it all boils down to having fun when visiting a place you not familiar with and Stone Town is a town that makes sure all your vacation duties and luxuries are catered for. That said, should we book a plane ticket for you?