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What people say

"My internship has been incredible,I have learned so much from time management to the reality of how a start up business operates.Gap's resources have been very useful.Thank you GAP."

Lethabo Nyathi

"I am now in Junior level position, and I am getting exposure in my field of study. I have been placed in a friendly working environment and I am learning a lot. Go GAP!"

Cheyenne Muthukarapan
Intern at EIMS

"I am very happy, I was able to find an internship through GAP. GAP is an excellent website, very useful and the GAP Team was very helpful."

Siza Mafuna

Thank you for the awesome assistance! GAP has helped us find some great graduates for our internship programme.

Raneel Singh
Human Resources- Sage Pastel

Looking for interns?

Graduate Asset Programme

"GAP cut our traditional intern recruitment cycle from 3 weeks to less than an hour. Sifting the best candidates from thousands of applicants is quick and hassle-free."

Catherine Wijnberg
Fetola Director

"GAP really helped me to get work experience. After 2 years of applying for internships with no luck, GAP helped me to find one. Thank you GAP!"

Molebogeng Makobe
Intern at Latigo (Pty)Ltd

"Thank you for the certificate, it really means a lot! Your organisation does have a significant impact on graduates and aspiring interns. I have recommended GAP to a number of graduates."

Errol Mahamba
Data validation at Reonet

"I have learned so much in my internship. I am one of the first interns at this company, the staff are so experienced so I am learning so much from them."

Lindiwe Nkosi
Intern at Marsh Africa

“Gaining real work experience has helped boost my confidence, increased my skills and prepared me for the corporate world.”

Laura Nicholson
Interned at Old Mutual

"I have to say Fetola has done it again - what an easy to use tool to find an intern.The system works flawlessly, it is easy to navigate, and extremely easy to manage."

Tabitha Bailey
CEO, Together We Pass

"Thank you for the shortlisting. I mentored my intern, and I am proud that after her 2 month internship she was employed by a fashion house. I would like to be a mentor again."

Rayana Edwards
Director of Harem Clothing

"I had no idea the workplace was this different - it’s more practical. My internship experience was an eye opener; it was really good, I learned a lot and gained working experience."

Cherilee Smith
Intern at Edcon